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Is a Nidhi actually made with 24K Gold ? Since 24K Gold is so delicate, what makes a Nidhi Jewellery for so long ?
Nidhi Jewellery has developed special techniques that ascertain excellent quality and durability on all our products. We use a special process that applies gold on every piece and makes it last for a very long time. Since the products are supported by synthetic resin and there is a shell of 24K Gold around, they are almost unbreakable under everyday use.

Would the bangles lose their shape or luster?
We use high quality processes which ensure that once a product leaves our manufacturing unit, it will not change shape or looks. Since we use pure gold, the piece will not lose its luster either.

How do I know that Nidhi Jewellery actually supplies pieces in 24K gold and the gold content is what you claim it to be ?
Alongwith every product, we give a certificate of authenticity that states the gold weight on the piece that you purchase. In addition the gold weight is stamped on every piece as well. Regarding gold purity, we state it on the piece and on the guarantee card as well and we welcome our distributors and customers to test our products for their authenticity.

Would water affect the product ?
Our products are made to withstand water so wearing it in a coastal city, while cooking or in rain will not affect a Nidhi product. However we do recommend that products should not be worn in the bath everyday or when working with chemicals.

What is the difference between gold plating and your processes ?
Gold plating is the deposition of an extremely thin layer of gold of about 2-3 microns on the article. Whereas Nidhi products have anywhere between 10-25 microns which give longer life and durability.

Why is a Nidhi Jewellery product twice as expensive as other similar products ?
Nidhi Jewellery products are many times superior to other similar products available in the market. The following is a partial list of why our products are the best when compared to other companies

Excellent Quality

Surface Finish by master craftsmen

  • Gold Weight Guarantee
  • Gold Purity Guarantee
  • Customer Service
  • Buy Back Guarantee
  • Superior Packaging
  • Superior Designs
  • Diverse Product Range
    Over 200 Associates ensuring superior products
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